Peregrine Eco Retreat


What is Peregrine Eco Retreat ?

Three days and three nights of unforgettable experiences in the beautiful Parish of Portland. Let nature take your breath away and renew your mind, body and spirit. Dive into crystal clear blue waters exploring their depths or explore the daily lives of a unique group of people. Relax among nature listening to the soothing sounds of our rainforest. Enjoy our unique blends of sauces and seasonings that grace every meal while rocking away to some sensational reggae music. Most of all, just escape. Escape from normal life for just a moment and let yourself melt away into the arms of nature on Peregrine’s eco retreat 2019. It’s time to escape, explore, relax, and enjoy.

Escape – Get away from the hustle and bustle of normal life. Let your hair down and feel the warmth of the Jamaican sun on your face and the cool Portland breeze rippling through your hair. On this retreat we are going to show you how to escape your ordinary if only just for a weekend.

Explore – Experience new cultures, yes with an s. Portlanders unique way of life is a window into their varied past. While on your retreat you will get a chance to eat like a Portlander and visit gems only locals know about. Go home feeling like you have lived like a Jamaican moreso a Portlander. Your ‘yaadie’ adventure awaits you.

Relax – Relax like a Portlander. The laid back culture of the town and its people make it impossible not to relax. Nestled in a rainforest you can spend the day bird watching, lazing away in a hammock overlooking the sea or rafting down the Rio Grande. Whatever you choose is sure to bring you nirvana.

Enjoy – Our retreat combines adventure, fun, food and relaxation, all the ingredients for great enjoyment. Spend the weekend with us revelling in all that Portland Jamaica has to offer.

Where is Portland, Jamaica ?

This parish is on the Northeastern coast of Jamaica, north of St. Thomas and east of St. Mary, with its size expanding and covering 814 kilometers making it the seventh largest parish. It is 60 miles (100 km) from Kingston and it has the third largest shipping port which is famous for shipping Bananas and Coconuts. It is known as one of the best tourist locations as this parish is best known to celebrities for what it stands to offer from the 1940’s until now.
Portland is famous for its spicy jerk meats and Maroon settlements. The maroons originated from the slaves that ran away to the Blue and John Crow Mountains from the plantations. Their lives in the mountain gave them first hand knowledge of the different plants and their uses. This knowledge is what gave birth to our famous Jamaican jerk meats that tourists and locals alike enjoy. Their unique way of life adds to the diversity of Portland.

Schedule and Details

When: Last weekend in March 29 – 31, 2019

Where: Port Antonio, Portland Jamaica.


12pm: Pick up from the International Airport
12:30 – 3pm: Drive from airport to hotel
3pm – 3:30: Check-in, welcome and quick tour of property
4:00 – 7pm: Cocktail party
7pm – 8pm: Dinner
8pm – 9pm: Movie (The Mighty Quinn)
9pm – The rest of the night is yours. See you tomorrow!

5am: Pick up from hotel
5am – 5:45am: Arrive at Moore Town (Maroon settlement)
5:45am – 6am: Hike to Nanny Falls to catch the sunrise
6am – 9am – Tour of Moore Town (includes breakfast)
9am – 9:15am: Drive to Rio Grande for rafting
9:30am – 12pm: Rafting plus lunch on the river (at Belinda’s)
12pm – 4pm: Highlight Tour ( Stops; Demontevin and Titchfield, Craft Market, Long bay and Boston Jerk centre)
4pm – 4:10: Drive back to the hotel
6: 30 until: All White – Chocolate buffet (Karaoke and trivia games included)

5am – 6am: Yoga/ Massage
6am – 8am: Breakfast
8am – 11am: Boat ride and snorkeling
11am – 2pm: Various planned beach activities (scavenger hunt and magic stick, beach volleyball)
4:30pm – 6pm: Sunset photoshoot
6pm – 7pm: Bonfire (Line dancing, Abc stories, Limbo etc. )
7:30 until: The night is yours.

It’s time to get away

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a payment plan available?

Yes. Please contact us or your travel agent

What airport should I fly into?

Norman Manley International airport

Can I purchase a ticket on site?

No , book with your travel agent or online @

Will I receive a ticket?

No. A confirmation letter will be sent once you book.

Are there refunds?

Cancellation Period Cost
3 weeks prior to departure No refund (unless we can sell your space)
6 weeks or less prior to departure 50% refund
6 weeks or more prior to departure 75% refund

Group tickets?

Yes, groups are preferred.

Can I arrive early?

No, please arrive at the time stipulated for the retreat/airport pickup

My friend paid a cheaper price…?

Prices may differ based on size of group and event season

Is there electricity?


Is there security?

Yes, the hotel provides ample security and security measures

Is food included?

Yes, for the entire retreat

What essentials should I bring to the retreat?

Mosquito repellant, sunscreen, camera, water shoes, pocket money, swimsuit, hike shoes, tropical clothing, all white attire (buffet), resort wear (photoshoot), big smiles.

What is your national language?


Can I bring my kids?

No, adults only retreat

What if I have food allergies?

Inform us at booking and we will make the necessary arrangements for you.

What if I have physical challenges?

Consult your physician for the go ahead and then Inform us at booking and we will make the necessary arrangements for you. In the case that you need assistance for your physical challenges please let us know. These will include wheelcare or walker services offered.

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