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Two factors make Port Antonio what it is: the people and the scenery. Named several centuries ago after the English Duke of Portland, the area has switched successfully from being a Spanish territory initially to a British territory before the island gained independence. Hence, the capital Puerto Anton converted to Port Antonio.

The parish is among the largest in Jamaica with a small, sparse population throughout. The parish stems from the Lush, tropical Blue Mountain and John Crow Mountain in the south (recently named a World Heritage Site), to the beaches of cerulean and aquamarine hues in the north.

The region receives the most rain in the entire island, mainly attributed to it being on the windward side of the Blue Mountain Range. A popular saying here is, “You can’t be a Portlander and not own an umbrella. “ Despite this however, the region does enjoy a wonderful tropical, marine climate for most days.

Port Antonio is virtually free of industry therefore, tourism is its main economic stimulus—for good reason too. The region is fully capable of satisfying the needs of a wide variety of tourists. From the leisure tourist to that of the eco-tourist. With a wide variety of places for tourists to visit, it can be understood why famous American actor from the Hollywood Golden Age, Errol Flynn, called Port Antonio “the most beautiful place of earth, “ and went on to spend a large portion of his life here.

Port Antonio is a small piece of Jamaica with the world of things to do. An ideal vacationer’s utopia.

Port Antonio is a premier destination where food, art, culture, and music collide to create a unique tropical adventure.

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